About the department

Department of Administrative Proceedings

The Department specializes in widely understood administrative procedural law, including general administrative proceedings as well as administrative enforcement proceedings and proceedings before administrative courts.


Małgorzata Jaśkowska, PhD, Professor at The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (UKSW) in Warsaw– Head of the Department, Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court and Chair of the Division of Court Information of the Supreme Administrative Court

Martyna Wilbrandt-Gotowicz, PhD, Assistant Professor; Jacek Jaworski, PhD, Assistant Professor; Konrad Łuczak, MA, Assistant Lecturer.

Research Issues:

- access to public information and implementation of IT solutions as regards activities of the administrative bodies,

- administrative discretion,

- application of European law by administrative bodies and administrative courts,

- divergences in administrative court judicature,

- connections between general and special administrative procedures,

- investment process in real estate, including construction process and land development,

- business activity regulation, including regulated professions.

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