About the department

Department  of Diplomatic Law and Public Diplomacy 

Department Staff:

Professor Mariusz Muszyński - Head of the Department 

Szymon Pawłowski (PhD)

Katarzyna Cichos (PhD)  - responsible for administration of the Department, contact: k.cichos@uksw.edu.pl


Deprtemt conducts research in international and European law and the theory and practice of public and business diplomacy.

The research interests of the Department's staff include in particular:
  •  international public law
  • diplomatic and consular law
  •  economic diplomacy
  •  EU law
  •  EU’s foreign policy, development policy and legal aspects of sustainable development
  •  Polish foreign policy

 The Department coordinates the organization of the School of German Law


 master's Seminars,

courses: public international law, legal system of EU, Common foreign and security policy of the EU, diplomatic and consular Law, public international law -basic, foreign policy of Poland, Die rechtliche Grundlagen des politischen Systeme der BRD, Economic Diplomacy, Das politisches System in Austria, Diplomatic correspondence, diplomatic protocol, etc. 

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