About the department

The Department of Regional Strategic Studies gathers scholars specializing in political philosophy, geopolitics, security and regional studies, with a special focus on the Euro-Atlantic area and particularly East Central Europe defined as the civilizational legacy of the historical Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The faculty includes both researchers and active diplomats. The Department provides lectures and research work in a number of procedural languages. It contributes to the internationalization of its home Faculty of Law and Administration.


Chairman: Prof. Dariusz Góra-Szopiński,   d.gora-szopinski@uksw.edu.pl,   PhD in Social Sciences, habilitation in Political Science, Fulbright scholar in Washington, D.C., Vice-President of Polish Alumni Association

Secretary: Prof. Jan Szumski,   j.szumski@uksw.edu.pl,   PhD and habilitation in History, Fulbright scholar in Berkeley, CA, assistant professor at Polish Academy of Sciences

Assistant professors:

Prof. Jarosław Bratkiewicz,   j.bratkiewicz@uksw.edu.pl,   PhD and habilitation in Political Science, former Polish ambassador in Latvia, Political Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Mariusz Maszkiewicz   (on a diplomatic mission)

Dr. Spasimir Domaradzki,   spasimir.domaradzki@lazarski.pl,   PhD in Political Science, executive at Lazarski University, OSCE and European Commission expert


The academic offer of the Department includes:

lectures and classes :    External Relations of the European Union,   Institutional Groundwork of the European Union,   Foreign Policy of Main Polish Neighbor Countries,   Political Philosophy,   Regionalism in International Relations,   Regional Autonomous Tendencies

seminars :    Eastern Europe in International Politics,   European Integration in 20th & 21st Century,   United States of America – Values and Institutions,   What is Europe? Identity through Diversity,   The concept of the Russian World on post-Soviet Area: from theory to practice (in Russian)

BA and MA seminars

PhD consulting

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