About the department

The Department of Regional Strategic Studies gathers scholars specializing in political philosophy, geopolitics, security and regional studies, with a special focus on the Euro-Atlantic area and particularly East Central Europe defined as the civilizational legacy of the historical Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The faculty includes both researchers and active diplomats. The Department provides lectures and research work in a number of procedural languages. It contributes to the internationalization of its home Faculty of Law and Administration.


Prof. Dariusz Góra-Szopiński,   d.gora-szopinski@uksw.edu.pl

PhD in Social Sciences, habilitation in Political Sciences, Fulbright scholar in Washington, D.C., Vice-President of Polish Alumni Association


Prof. Jan Szumski,   j.szumski@uksw.edu.pl

PhD in History, habilitation in History, Fulbright scholar in Berkeley, CA, Assistant Professor at Polish Academy of Sciences

The academic offer of the Department includes:

lectures and classes

External Relations of the European Union

Institutional Groundwork of the European Union

Foreign Policy of Main Polish Neighbor Countries

Political Philosophy

Regionalism in International Relations

Regional Autonomous Tendencies


Eastern Europe in International Politics

European Integration in 20th & 21st Century

United States of America – Values and Institutions

What is Europe? Identity through Diversity

The concept of the Russian World on post-Soviet Area: from theory to practice (in Russian)

BA and MA seminars

PhD consulting

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