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The Campus of  Ks. Prof.  Ryszard Rumianek at Wóycickiego Street – Warsaw

The Campus with  the area of 5,2 h is located between the streets: Żubrowa, Balaton, Wóycickiego and Samogłoski. Here, precisely the building of Law and Administration is situated ( no.17) with the  departments and faculties. Nearby is the building of the Auditorium Maximum (no.21) which is the largest and most representative and where most lectures and classes are held. The building has four floors and one underground floor. The usable floorage of premises equals 3600 square meters. On the groud floor there is an assembly hall for up to 600 students, an internet room, bookstore, restaurant, cloakrooms and admistrative – technical premises. On the remaining floors are additional didactic rooms/halls.


At (Młociny) Campus there is also the building of Historical and Social Science Faculty (no. 23), the building of Pedagogical Science Faculty (no.15), as well as the Central Laboratory of Natural Science – a place with specialistic laboratories for students of chemistry, physics and biology.

A special place – The Church (of the University). 


In compliance with the request of professors and students the St. Jozef’s church was built at the Campus (Młociny) – Wóycickiego Street. It was founded due to the generosity of private contributors and is situated in a central place, nearby there is an obelisk with a plate commemorating ks. prof. Ryszard Rumianek the rector of UKSW.

How to get to UKSW


Fr. Rumianek Campus 

Wóycickiego street 1/3

Faculty Building no. 17 

You can reach the Campus by bus:

  • No. 181 (bus stop Żubrowa-UKSW)
  • No. 114 (bus stop Żubrowa-UKSW or Młociny-UKSW)
  • No. 303 (bus stop Żubrowa-UKSW)

How to get to UKSW >> link to the system

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