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At the Faculty of Law the following scientific journals are issued: 

  • Człowiek w cyberprzestrzeni (Man in Cyberspace)Quarterly Man in Cyberspace is a national interdisciplinary scientific journal, published in the electronic form and in the form of a compact printing, which aims to develop scientific reflection on the nature and functioning of the information society, including the legal, sociological, technological and business aspects.Quarterly includes in its formula the following range of issues: the development and history of e-government and information society, digitization of administration, judiciary and economy computerization, information security, legal informatics, protection of privacy and personal data in electronic communication networks, cybercrime, protecting copyright and intellectual property in the electronic media, processing of statistical data from the data warehouse, data mining, Big Data, research techniques like CAWI, digital divide, social media, SNA – Social network analysis, hypertext, netiquette, virtual interpersonal relationships, the methodology of social research on the Internet as well as commercial and political marketing on the Internet.The scientific descriptions of various nature are being published on the pages of the Quarterly: studies, articles, commentaries, glosses, law reviews, reviews and reports, analyzes and research reports.
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  • Młody Jurysta  a quarterly published magazine, made by students of University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Faculty of Law. Młody Jurysta is a magazine published nationwide in electronic form.

    Młody Jurysta was established for students and graduates of law, administration and foreign affairs faculties, who are ambitious and wish to develop their writing skills. Magazine is a place, where authors can publish their scientific researches, articles, commentaries and judicial reviews under the auspices of the recognized experts of law. Młody Jurysta is always published on the last day of the month (March, June, September, December).
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  • Kwartalnik Prawa Publicznego (Public Law Quarterly) is a country-wide, Polish, scientific periodical. Its main aim is a scientific reflection over the substance and functions of Public Law meant as a legal regulation servicing a common welfare (at international, national or local level) and its relations with Private Law, as well as a deepening analysis of different legal institutions of Public Law.  Kwartalnik Prawa Publicznego covers the following fields of Public Law: History of Public Law and Political Systems; International Law; European Law; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Administrative Procedures; Public Economic Law; Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; Agricultural Law; Environmental Law; Public Law-Aspects of Private Law, Civil Procedure and Labour Law; Social Security Law; and Religious and Canon Law. We publish primarily studies and articles, as well as glosses (case comments), book reviews and reports from scientific conferences. More about the character of published elaborations see under ?Publishing Condition
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  • Polski Przegląd Stosunków Międzynarodowych – (PPSM)
    (Polish Review of International Relations)
    “Polski Przegląd Stosunków Międzynarodowych? is an annual academic journal first published in October 2011 by Institut of International Law, European Union and International Relations of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (UKSW). It refers to the tradition of academic institutions publishing their own periodicals.?Polski Przegląd Stosunków Międzynarodowych? is devoted to the problems of broadly defined international relations. The most important of them concern international relations theory, cooperation and competition (especially international disputes and conflicts) as elements of international political, economic and cultural relations as well as changes of civilization and elements of foreign policy of different countries. Although particular emphasis is placed on the problems of the modern world, publication of studies concerning historical issues which are reflected in the current situation is not excluded.

  • The Polish Review of International and European Law is primarily devoted to demonstrating and promoting research findings of the Polish scholarship in international and European law.We very much welcome studies (more than 20pp.), articles (app. 20pp.), reviews, case comments and other materials prepared in English. Although the Journal is mainly addressed to Polish authors, we do not close our pages to any scholar. Authors of published submissions are granted 2 parametric evaluation points according to the list of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (part B, item 1611).The Review covers various fields of international law, both public and private, and the European Union law. We are aware of the interdependency of various levels of legal regulations in today’s world, which points out the flexibility of borders of internationality of contemporary law.The Polish Review of International and European Law will be a quarterly. Besides, special issues are possible devoted to particularly important and current legal problems.
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  • Zeszyty prawnicze  is a quarterly published at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw since 2001.There are scientific articles, polemics, commented translations of sources, reviews and reports published in the journal. The subject matters cover Roman law, history of law and contemporary law. Texts in Polish, English, German and Italian are accepted, together with a summary.The Ministry for Science and Higher Education gives 7 points for a publication in  “Zeszyty Prawnicze”.  The journal has a Redactor for Polish and English languages. All the articles are subjected to a double-blind review.
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