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The Faculty of Law and Administration is one of the nine faculties at University Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński (UKSW). It is guided by the reflection on the integral heritage of human knowledge, faithfulness to the truth and Christian inspiration. There are more than one hundred scholars and teachers employed. They consist of the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection, judges of courts of the European Union, the Constitutional Tribunal, the Supreme Administrative Court, members of Legislative Council of the Prime Minister, Parliament, Senate and Polish Republic President?s experts, lawyers, counselors of law, public prosecutors, ambassadors, central agency employees especially  from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

In research and didactic work we focus on the reflection on the integral heritage of human  knowledge, faithfulness to the truth and Christian inspiration. We conduct research on the essence and functioning of law in various fields, on the role and tasks of modern administration (national and international) and on international relations in particular with Europe and The United States of America. We research on a wide scale upon the European aspects of the domestic fields of law and aim the research on the European Union as such.

Faculty authorities

dr hab. Bogumił Szmulik, prof. ucz.
Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration

Vice-Deans of the Faculty of Law and Administration:

  • dr hab. Marcin Wielec
  • dr hab. Mariusz Szyrski

The faculty offers higher education  – Bachelor’s Degree, Master;s Degree in the following departments:


  • Master’s Degree (full time and part-time, extramural courses)


  • 1st degree courses (full time and part-time, extramural ).
  • 2nd degree courses (full time and part-time extramural).     


  • 1st degree courses (full time)
  •  2nd degree courses ( full time)

The Faculty of Law and Administration also offers postgraduate studies. These studies are meant for people having master and bachelor degrees


The faculty has many scientific circles for example: Private Law Circle, Public Law Forum, Penal Sciences Circle, Administration Circle, Procesualizm  Circle, Tax and Tariff Law Circle and Constitutional Circle.

The student?s board and the faculty student?s council are also very active organizations and play an important role. 

University Students’ Legal Service

University Student Legal Service at UKSW in Warsaw is a team of committed and socially sensitive Law Students ready to provide free legal assistance to indigent people in civil, family and welfare, labor and social security, administrative, economic, financial, tax and criminal law, as well as legal advice concerning the provisions related to student affairs.