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Our team:

  • Dr hab. Elżbieta Karska, prof. UKSW – Head of the Department
  • Dr hab. Elżbieta Morawska, prof. UKSW
  • Dr Jakub Czepek
  • Dr Katarzyna Grzelak-Bach
  • Mgr Katarzyna Gałka
  • Mgr Bartłomiej Oręziak – PhD student
  • Maria Skwarcan – PhD Student

The Department’s research covers human rights and systems of their protection in both – international and domestic dimensions. A special focus is given to the system of the Council of Europe. Research adresses i.a. child protection (including children in armed conflicts), non-state actors and human rights, the law of armed conflict, international criminal law, international adjudication.

Since 2008 the Department, in cooperation with the Department of Human Rights of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, organizes annual conferences on the subject of human rights and international humanitarian law (Warszawsko-Toruńskie Kolokwia Naukowe Praw Człowieka i Międzynarodowego Prawa Humanitarnego).

It also organizes specialized seminars and conferences. The previous ones were devoted i.a. to child protection in international law; extrateriitorial application of human rights treaties.

The Department publishes its own monographic series entitled Prawa Człowieka i Prawo Międzynarodowe (Human Rights and International Law) edited by dr hab. Elżbieta Karska, prof. UKSW.

For further details please consult other sections of the website (in Polish).

If you wish to contact the Department, please email to Ms. Katarzyna Gałka ( or to the members of our team directly (e-mail adresses are available in the section: O katedrze ).