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About the department

Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University
Faculty of Law and Administration
Department of Financial Law

The staff of the Department of Financial Law consists of academics (lawyers as well as economists) whose research interests are focused in particular on the widely defined circulation of money in the economy.
The aforementioned circulation of money is examined from the point of view of both legal and economic aspects of public management, public collection and distribution of funds; private mechanisms of allocation of financial resources as well as rules concerning the trade in financial instruments in contemporary financial markets.
Staff’s passion for taught subjects results in them being counted amongst the most liked and valued by the Faculty’s students.
The employees of the Department: Professor Piotr Zapadka – the Head of the Department; Krzysztof Buk, PhD; Klara Dygaszewicz, PhD; Małgorzata Frysztak, PhD; Agnieszka Mikos-Sitek, PhD; Robert Oktaba, PhD; Mateusz Tchórzewski PhD, Esq., B.A.