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Department of Informatics LAW WPiA UKSW is concerned with conducting research with regard for legal and interdisciplinary aspects of information processes among economy, administration and judiciary. Main subjects of interest of Departments employees are:

  • protection of personal data,
  • access to public information,
  • classified information and other legally protected secrets,
  • processes of implementation of IT solutions for adinisistration, judiciary and economy,
  • electronic administration,
  • management in administration,
  • preparation, funding (form EU funds) and realization of european projects,
  • teleinformation safety,
  • legal informatics,
  • biometrics,

The Department of Informatics Law WPiA UKSW is currently conducting project:

Projekt badawczo – rozwojowy pt. “Model regulacji jawności i jej ograniczeń w demokratycznym państwie prawnym”. Project executed for the safety and defense of the country cofunded by the National Centre for Research and Development on the basis of contract no.DOBR/0075/R/ID2/2013/03.

Department is actively participating in the activities of faculty and university e.g.:

  • organization of scientific conferences (“Bezpieczeństwo w Internecie”, “Reforma ochrony prywatności”, “Bezpieczeństwo Technologii Biometrycznych. Ochrona Danych Biometrycznych”, “Aktualne problemy dostępu do informacji publicznej”, Dokumentacja elektroniczna w podmiotach publicznych),
  • conducting and helping academic circle “Forum Prawa Publicznego”,
  • conducting lectures for postgraduate students:
    • Protection of Personal Data and Classified Information  –
    • Security among the internet – strona internetowa
  • publications,
  • cooperation with nongovernment organizations – NCPI, SILGIS) and public institutions (GIODO, Human Rights Defender, NSA, ABW).